Chad Vangaalen Skelliconnection (Limited Edition Double Vinyl)

From Flemish Eye Records, a very limited edition vinyl version of Calgarian Chad Vangaalen’s 2006 album Skelliconnection. This is an album that I initially liked, forgot about, and then rediscovered last week, so I am very excited about this.  A Double 160 Gram LP in a gatefold sleeve with 40+ drawings, this expanded version includes 11 bonus tracks, including new songs & album offcuts.

It is available March 15, but you can pre-order it now.

1. flower gardens (MP3)
2. burn 2 ash
3. red hot drops
4. rolling thunder
5. viking rainbow
6. gubbbish
7. dandrufff
8. wing finger
9. see-thru-skin
10. wind driving dogs
11. mini t.v.’s
12. Graveyard (MP3)
13. dead ends
14. sing me 2 sleep
15. systemic heart

Bonus LP Tracks:
1. the gun (MP3)
2. pencil sharpener
3. concrete dreamer
4. egyptian tennis shoe
5. i left you a message #2
6. mini tv’s ( muscle cola )
7. vee-tech beatsmart
8. past / future
9. i left you a message #1
10. orca hunter
11. smoke pillows

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