CBC 1010

CBC 1010’s Angela Knight was reporting from Lethbridge this morning (for that big/annoying Curling extravagana). I just so happened to be passing by on my way to a Dr’s appointment, and stopped by for an official CBC mug and official CBC Nalgene bottle (with pop top!). Nerd heaven.

While I was looking for a picture of Angela for this blog, I stumbled upon the Eyeopener’s John Gilchrist archive of Calgary restaurant reviews (which is, as we all know the “city with the most dynamic restaurant scene in the country”). Of note:John’s Top Ten Restaurants (or 25) picks for 2006

The Enlightenment Card (by Visa)

 Finally, a credit card to pay for your overpriced lululemon shit:

Visa explains it better than I can: “More than just a credit card, the Enlightenment Visa Card is a card for people who want to make a positive difference in their world.” Positive difference, IN A CREDIT CARD? According to the SF Gate:

This being the Enlightenment Reward Card which promises to “change your world with every point you earn.” Instead of frequent flyer miles, a Kitchen Aid mixer or a Hummel figurine, you get to choose from “enlightening” retreats, workshops, merchandise and giving to charity and non-profits. (Is it somehow telling that there are 1018 items under merchandise and 3 under charities?)

I am struggling with this. On one hand, I am unconvinced that anyone who truly understands yoga, and practices it daily would buy into something like this. I mean, even for the truly unreflexive Yoga-as-Fashionists out there recognizes this for its sheer crassness right? That Yoga and consumer credit are (and should be) diametrically opposed?  Please?

This comes just as my latest issue of Adbusters arrives. This month’s theme: “Blueprint for a New Left” It starts off:

A passionate struggle for freedom is deeply embedded in the history of the western world. It still inspires us today, and it still inspires oppressed people everywhere. Freedom is our great meta-meme, the crowning jewel of our civilization.

But lately, in our own back yard, freedom has taken a perverse, hyper-individualistic turn. We now drink more, do more drugs, live more promiscuously, spend more money, use up more resources, create more waste, and deliberately flaunt our wealth, power and sexuality more than any other culture on earth.

When a modest, pious man living in a poor village a world away looks at us, what does he see?


“While 79% of our university entrants in 1970 said their goal in life was to “develop a meaningful philosophy of life,” by 2005, 75% defined their life’s objective as “being well off financially.” What happened?

Things like the Enlightenment Card happened. Honestly. I can’t help but see this as connected.

The Annotated Everything: Reviewed

This morning, I check my referrer, and what do you know – A new blog from a Metafilter user (omniewise) who is reviewing blogs from other Metafilter members. Here is the review: (link)

The Annotated Everything, another blog I looked at only because of this project, and it’s a good one! Quartermass (User #11848) may be best pointed to as the user who studied MetaFilter for his Master’s Thesis. His blog is of the personal reflection/humorous and slightly sly/annotated link variety. You know what I mean.

He’s clearly a smart guy whose writing is clean and well-wrought. Checking it out today, I smiled at the juxtaposition of Pierre Bourdieu and Britney Spears over a few posts. His breakdown of the breaking down of Britney Spears is done with just the right touch. His post on Foucault’s Discipline & Punish is also quite good (and spot on), and seems part of a series that promises more good commentary to come.

I’m blushing now!

The Annotated Neighborhood

Seeing as how I have failed to Annotate much of anything on this blog, I thought I would annotate my neighborhood.

1) In the top corner (right by the anarchy sign), that is where I live.

2) This morning, I watched a drug deal going down in that parking lot (right behind a Boston Pizza), and then I also watched a cop car pull up and bust it up. Exciting! My favourite meal at that Boston Pizza is their Taco Salad (with spicy chicken! Yum!)

3) This is my gym. I worked out this morning, so that I could get “cut.” I “blasted” by pecs and ran on a treadmill listening to the new LCD Soundsystem. It was awesome.

4) That is the Ramada hotel. They have a wave pool and waterslides. Hayden and I went on Monday (before the $2200 tooth accident), and it was miserable! I have never been more dissapointed in my life! It was freezing, dirty. freezing… Unfun.

5) That huge parking lot is the Enmax centre, where right now the “Scotties Tournament of Hearts” curling championship is being held. Thus, there are lots of people in my neighborhood, making me wait Calgary-like hours for my morning coffee.

6) Suburban hell! Lots of garage sales in the summer though, so I can’t hate too much. Last summer, in this very neighborhood, I found a stack of Tom Waits records and a mint condition Casio SK-1 (for FIVE BUCKS!)

7) Hayden’s school – Ecole Agnes Davidson. He is in French immersion (gr 3), and I think he kind of hates it, but he is a smart kid and it is for his own good (damn it!)

8) This is the edge of the parking lot of the Movie Mill. When I was an undergrad, I was the manager there for a bit. It was awesome, and they still are doing my “things” six years later – in the summer they bring in “Retro Movies” – like Goonies, Top Gun, Ferris Beuller (etc), and once a month they do a midnight showing. I tried to convert one of the screens as a permantent “Art House” theatre – but that didn’t fly.

9) This is the home of Lethbridge’s “Big thing” – a giant metal ball. I think it is supposed to be funny – it is a “wind guage” – because, you know, it is really windy here!

10) McDonalds. Walking Distance.

11) Old people live here. They try to have garage sales in the summer, but man, it is nothing but JUNK!

12) Blarney Stone, a traditional Irish pub – a block away.

13) That is a new venture called… “The Shark Club.” I have never been there, but it never fails to crack me up when I drive by… “hey, wanna go to… THE SHARK CLUB???”

14) 7-11. Awesome, but not as awesome as the one in Claresholm.

15) How could I forget – this house on the corner is the fabled “House of Poo” where my band James Leroy used to practice in a loft over a mechanic-shop. Our practice space also served as a training room for local UFC wannabes, so there were lots of things to punch.

16) Random green space.

17) I got in an accident here last March. The guy gave me fake information! What a JA.