Christian Clown Training

“The elderly really recieve you quite well. I think it is because they already know how vulnerable they are; they’re lonely, and long for touch.” “If they’re in need of touch, you touch them.”

“When you enter the nursing home, do not stand there in your group with a large cluster of clowns. Clowns can look rather intimidating if you see a lot of them in one place.”

2 thoughts on “Christian Clown Training

  1. Ick. I remember Diana and I avoiding the clowns at Childrens hospital. Got cornered in her room once, both of us nearly croaked – damn clown just kept doing his thng, couldn’t pick up body language, or even english language that we didn’t want him there. He just kept on with the coins, balloons, and whatever. Clowns are NOT funny, they are very creepy! Something wrong about them!

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