Last week I was diagnosed with corneal keratoconus which has been increasingly torturing me over the last year. For example, on the highway driving back and forth between Calgary and Lethbridge, I have a difficult time seeing oncoming cars; the reason why I got that huge ticket for an illegal left turn was that I literally didn’t make out the sign. This scared me enough to get it checked out.

When I was diagnosed, it was a huge relief. I can’t really explain this, but at least I know that I am not just losing my mind. It explained to me why I had an inability to physically read a book for more than a half hour at a time (keratoconus is exaggerated when looking down, which is how I read). Doing what I do for a living (i.e. reading, a little writing), one could easily see how this kind of problem would make life difficult. That is, understanding my problem has made the problem livable in the short term.
I am now waiting on getting specialty contact lenses (glasses don’t correct this problem, which would explain why my glasses have been so ineffective). The worst case senario for me is if my eyes continue to deteriorate is that I will require corneal transplants, which I hear is a common procedure now (though the waiting list is 3 years or more).

This image describes how I see most things:

The A is what you would normally see, the other one is what I see. Fun! I’m just hoping that my eyes hold out AT LEAST until I get tenure somewhere, and I can start slacking off.

6 thoughts on “Eyes

  1. I can actually understand where you are coming from. I don’t talk about my vision problems for sake of people just pretty much thinking I am crazy and for not knowing how to explain it. At least you have a name for your problem now. I too cannot read for long period of time either. That’s also why I had to switch my major from Bio to Drama, because there is just far too much reading to do in Bio. I get the ghosting images when I read and my night vision is terrible. I see all the rainbow halos, especially around car headlights and colored halos around traffic lights. I also get the really bad starburst effect mostly at night, and sometimes during the day. Even contrast such as black against white or vise versa causes a lot of problems. No one seems to know what it is, but I guess they figure that since I am so young and my field of vision is not affected it’s not a big deal. I’ve been told that for some people seeing those things all the time is just normal. I’ve seen so many specailists, some suggesting dry eye, migranes, it being normal in people, or possibly the start of a corneal disorder, but none have an answer. I’ve also seen doctors that have tested me for diabeties and everything and that didn’t find any answers. Everytime I go to the doctors though they are really interested in my case because they have never heard of anyone my age that sees permanent halos, and blurred images, etc. I have tried to figure out what it could be, but there are no answers so I usually just don’t talk about vision. I am thinking of getting in on the waiting list for MRI just to make sure it’s noting brain related. I am actually really surprised that no one even suggested this, except for one doctor, who said it might not be a bad idea, because really you never know. So yeah, that’s my little story, because unlike a lot of people, I actually have some insight into the things you see. Actually, sometimes I think that if I see the world in such a different way than others, it would be nice to have super powers to go along with it, lol.

  2. Akolade made me read this because he correctly remembered that this is exactly what my wife had. Let us go drink heavily and discuss this.

  3. yea m8 feel 4 ya i really do i have the same problem i
    i have advanced kerataconus your lucky yav got ur license im not even aloud to do my test lol looks lyk itz the bus 4 me lol you should see about intacts b4 going for a transplant they do a similar job but they can be removed and they are under neth the nerves so apparently you dont even feel them they apparently round the eye again

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