Arcade Fire On SNL last night…

Get these before NBC takes them down… Win taped “SAK VID PA KANPE” to his guitar, a Haitian proverb (?) that means means: “An empty sack doesn’t stand up.” AKA “A hungry person can’t do anything”. Wait for some guitar smashing at the end of “Intervention.”

Neon Bible comes out first week of March, and I have mine coming straight from MERGE (for the free poster of course…)


Keep the Car Running

intervention – live [mp3]
keep the car running – live [mp3]

PRE-ORDER Neon Bible
Here are the links to pre-order the vinyl and both regular and deluxe CD versions through
Vinyl ($20.99) – this is a double album, three sides of music with the fourth side featuring etched artwork.
Regular CD ($13.99)
Deluxe CD ($18.99) – deluxe CD version comes packaged in a hinged box with two 32 page booklets designed by the band.
Orders will ship on or near the release date of March 6th.


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