CBC 1010

CBC 1010’s Angela Knight was reporting from Lethbridge this morning (for that big/annoying Curling extravagana). I just so happened to be passing by on my way to a Dr’s appointment, and stopped by for an official CBC mug and official CBC Nalgene bottle (with pop top!). Nerd heaven.

While I was looking for a picture of Angela for this blog, I stumbled upon the Eyeopener’s John Gilchrist archive of Calgary restaurant reviews (which is, as we all know the “city with the most dynamic restaurant scene in the country”). Of note:John’s Top Ten Restaurants (or 25) picks for 2006


One thought on “CBC 1010

  1. Uhm, I take offense. The curling extravaganza is FANTASTIC. I camped out there Thursday night for a draw – for two draws yesterday, and for two draws today – and am now home watching yep, you got it, more curling. I also intend to watch the semi-final tomorrow before jetting off to my own curling game. Unfortunately I curl myself Sunday during the final… but will finish off the weekend with a 3rd evening game of my own. Addicted, nah!

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