The Annotated Neighborhood

Seeing as how I have failed to Annotate much of anything on this blog, I thought I would annotate my neighborhood.

1) In the top corner (right by the anarchy sign), that is where I live.

2) This morning, I watched a drug deal going down in that parking lot (right behind a Boston Pizza), and then I also watched a cop car pull up and bust it up. Exciting! My favourite meal at that Boston Pizza is their Taco Salad (with spicy chicken! Yum!)

3) This is my gym. I worked out this morning, so that I could get “cut.” I “blasted” by pecs and ran on a treadmill listening to the new LCD Soundsystem. It was awesome.

4) That is the Ramada hotel. They have a wave pool and waterslides. Hayden and I went on Monday (before the $2200 tooth accident), and it was miserable! I have never been more dissapointed in my life! It was freezing, dirty. freezing… Unfun.

5) That huge parking lot is the Enmax centre, where right now the “Scotties Tournament of Hearts” curling championship is being held. Thus, there are lots of people in my neighborhood, making me wait Calgary-like hours for my morning coffee.

6) Suburban hell! Lots of garage sales in the summer though, so I can’t hate too much. Last summer, in this very neighborhood, I found a stack of Tom Waits records and a mint condition Casio SK-1 (for FIVE BUCKS!)

7) Hayden’s school – Ecole Agnes Davidson. He is in French immersion (gr 3), and I think he kind of hates it, but he is a smart kid and it is for his own good (damn it!)

8) This is the edge of the parking lot of the Movie Mill. When I was an undergrad, I was the manager there for a bit. It was awesome, and they still are doing my “things” six years later – in the summer they bring in “Retro Movies” – like Goonies, Top Gun, Ferris Beuller (etc), and once a month they do a midnight showing. I tried to convert one of the screens as a permantent “Art House” theatre – but that didn’t fly.

9) This is the home of Lethbridge’s “Big thing” – a giant metal ball. I think it is supposed to be funny – it is a “wind guage” – because, you know, it is really windy here!

10) McDonalds. Walking Distance.

11) Old people live here. They try to have garage sales in the summer, but man, it is nothing but JUNK!

12) Blarney Stone, a traditional Irish pub – a block away.

13) That is a new venture called… “The Shark Club.” I have never been there, but it never fails to crack me up when I drive by… “hey, wanna go to… THE SHARK CLUB???”

14) 7-11. Awesome, but not as awesome as the one in Claresholm.

15) How could I forget – this house on the corner is the fabled “House of Poo” where my band James Leroy used to practice in a loft over a mechanic-shop. Our practice space also served as a training room for local UFC wannabes, so there were lots of things to punch.

16) Random green space.

17) I got in an accident here last March. The guy gave me fake information! What a JA.


4 thoughts on “The Annotated Neighborhood

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to Claresholm! Oh, the metropolis next to my hometown where the 5-cent candies are alwasy fresh and someone’s always, always getting gas.

    I take it reading week is treating you well, outside of the crazy tooth bit. :)

  2. This is one of my favourite posts thus far! Go qmass… I’m going to start my afternoon with a 7-11 coffee in Claresholm, followed by a trip to Lethbridge to watch the Scotties Tournament of Hearts at the Enmax Centre this afternoon. And if I’m really addicted to curling, I’ll even watch another draw this evening!! An ideal day. Then on my way back to Calgary, I’m going to eat chicken from the 7-11 in Claresholm. And when I’m finally home in Cowtown I’m going to blog about my curling experience. I have grown up for years watching curling on TV – and to be in the ENMAX Centre last night – and have Team Canada sit behind me in the stands (the lead waved at me) – was the experience of a life time. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, and just can’t get enough of my favourite idols LIVE.

  3. I did some French Immersion at Agnes Davidson! Hayden and I have so much in common!

    Did the new LCD Soundsystem blow your mind? The beginning of the first track sounds suitable for a bike ride or something.

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