When Paralysis Kicks In

This was my first Joy Division song, one of those “hey, check this out” moments from my friend Aaron, stolen from the collection of his legendary older brother Art; we listended, unaware that it was altering our DNA. I think he turned out normal; Wife, two beautiful daughters. I wasn’t so lucky.

There are those moments in your life like this, pivotal moments, where you know, deep inside, that there is no going back. That alter your perception, that illuminate the invisible.

This morning, I had the thought that moments like this are coming further and further apart. For me. For us.

T his is when paralysis kicks in.

One thought on “When Paralysis Kicks In

  1. By far, one of my favourite Joy Division songs.

    As I enter my 20’s and begin to make a difference, I find that pivotal moments are actually increasing. Maybe I’m a late bloomer, and everyone who did cool things in Highschool burns out around 30, and I am just going to burn out at 35.

    Sidenote: Remarkably, one of my turning points was the original cut of “Donnie Darko”. Not only did the movie destroy my perception of film making and science fiction, but it really did give me a great appreciation for post-punk. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is the #1 most played song on my laptop, and will probably never be eclipsed.

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