Armageddon Watch: “DEADLY” BIRD FLU IN UK!!!!

From TIME:

Officials confirmed Saturday that the H5N1 strain of bird flu had been found in turkeys on a commercial farm � Britain’s first mass outbreak of the disease that has ravaged Asia’s poultry stocks and killed more than 160 people worldwide.

The virus strain that killed about 2,500 turkeys on the British poultry farm was identified as the highly pathogenic Asian strain, similar to a virus found in Hungary in January, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said.

It was the first time the deadly H5N1 strain was found on a British farm.

Also on Saturday, the World Heath Organization confirmed Nigeria’s first human death from the strain. Nigerian health officials on Wednesday said several people had apparently contracted the virus, including a young woman who later died.


(continues reading article):

“There is no need for immediate concern, but we do need to identify the source of the virus,” said Colin Butter, a bird flu expert with the Institute of Animal Health. “If the virus has come from the wild bird population, we need to know which birds and how much of the population has been affected.”

Uhhh… wait a second… are we all going to die soon or not? I am sooooo confused. Spend the whole article telling me to get ready for the worst, and end it with that weak ending? Come on TIME, if you aren’t going to do mass panic properly, then why even bother?

Maybe we can get lucky and the Bird Flu will hit the media first.


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