Chad Vangaalen Videos

In response to Zaph’s rant about the unculturedness of Calgary. I am not going to outright disagree with him (though, to be honest, I am too poor/busy to get “cultured” anyway).

Yet one thing that I think I am qualified to respond to is the music scene. Calgary has a thriving underground that is decidedly non-country. In fact, I have been to hundreds of gigs in Calgary (large venue sized ones, mostly smaller club shows), and I know for a fact that Calgary has bands that can compete with anything in the world.

For example, one of my favourite records released last year was by Chad Vangaalen, a Calgarian who writes, records and the ANIMATES his own music. These songs and video’s are distrubuted by Sub Pop, a smaller indie label based out of Seattle. You may have heard of it? I think Nirvana were on that label before they sold out (hey, I would have committed suicide too if I had sold out so hard!).

Here is a sampling:

Clinically Dead

Flower Garden

Reb Hot Drops


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