A day of nothing…

So today was pretty strange… I think I have a case of Terminal Graduate Paralysis (TGP).

Here is a list of my accomplishments:

  1. Slept in until noon
  2. Read about two pages of Pascalian Meditations before getting bored
  3. Watched my Seinfeld DVD’s – Including the classic season six episodes “The Couch,” “The Chinese Woman,” “The Big Salad” and “The Pledge Drive”
  4. Picked up Hayden from School
  5. Bought him some clothes
  6. Went to Arby’s

That’s pretty much it… so how was your day dear reader? Leave me a list. The winning list will recieve (1) CD from my stack of “CD’s I don’t care about anymore” pile that I have been meaning to trade for a while now.

6 thoughts on “A day of nothing…

  1. I had a similar day.

    1. I woke up early…and surfed the internet for a few hours.

    2. Watched a Chomsky speech I had never seen before.

    3. Screwed around on my blog for a bit…raised some ire which was kinda fun.

    4. Played some guitar.

    5. Bought tickets to see Black Sabbath.

    6. Ate dinner (leftovers from yesterday)

  2. Well i think i might top your day
    1:Woke up at 6 am to Exercise
    2:Got interuppted exercising at 6:45 do to Ben screamin (keep in mind jd wasnt home and hadnt been since sunday)”I WANT MY DADDY”
    3. Got Ben and Drew ready then went to get Drews 18 month shots, only to find we hadnt done the 1 year shots so he had to get 5 today, (had to wait 35 mind, Ben was cranky entire time)
    4. Went to Playgroup, Ben was cranky entire time
    5. Came home, tried to clean, Ben was rude and crying
    6. Ben had nap, woke up, cried some more, went to get daddy Ben cried some more
    7-Went swimming, kids did well, ended swiming Ben cranky again,
    8-Put kids to Bed, Ben STILL crying in his bed!

  3. Here’s my day:

    1)Go to my office to check email, dick around on internet, then leave for Tofield.
    2) Get asked to supervise a high school dance for Valentine’s Day. I refuse.
    3) First day of CALM class.
    4) Come back to Camrose, have a cigarette meeting with coworker, then go to other job.
    5) Realize that I am not supposed to work at other job that day.
    6) Half-Life 2.

  4. Ok here goes …

    1) Get up reasonably early (8am) to ensure am not late for meeting with professor.
    2) Do dishes.
    3) Have breakfast
    4) Try to do hair, but is not cooperating.
    5) After burning self with straightening iron, realise am nearly late for meeting with professor.
    6) Run to metro station, stand in line for ATM, grab cash, and while waiting to purchase new monthly pass behind teens wanting to get on metro with January pass see last metro go and know will be late to professor’s office.
    7) Arrive late to professor’s office, run paper topics by him only to discover cannot finalise paper topic given nebulous criteria determined by said professor.
    8) Stats class for three hours.
    9) Discover after stats class that one of the classics of the field is full of statistical crap. :S
    10) Sit outside Department Chair’s office waiting to beg for do-over on presentation that went horribly on Monday.
    11) Chair almost offers me a drink, but then tells me I’m silly for asking for another crack at the presentation.
    12) Go to Betsey Johnson for pick-me-up.
    13) Come home, realise am nearly out of food, and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

  5. My day was strange in an eerily productive kind of way. Due to said Terminal Graduate Paralysis, I’m in a bit of a deadline pickle.

    1) Got up at noon. (I had been writing until 4am the night before).
    2) Watched 30 minutes of Young and the Restless and ate breakfast.
    3) Wrote for a couple of hours – while organizing a Cadillac 4-some (we now have a new member) Redneck Woman/Big and Rich extravaganza for Stampede.
    4) Went to the grocery store starving and purchased an assortment of microwavable food, and a pound of coffee.
    4) Went to pick up my dog at my grandparents who asked a barrage of questions about how the work was going.
    5) Returned home cranky. Ate said microwavables. Drank a shitload of coffee. Wrote until 4am while listening to Country105.
    6) Lastly – and most importantly – I emailed a friend for a wake-up call for ticket purchase.

    Thus far, today has been exactly the same, minus the trip to the grocery store and visit with my grandparents. Saturday and Sunday will be exactly the same as well. Sigh.

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