The air hangs heavy

I live in a basement apartment, beneath a very sweet grandma-ish woman who is hard of hearing.

Today, I come home and the place feels different, I picked up on it instantly. You know that feeling you get when it seems like someone was in your stuff, but you can’t prove it… it is just a feeling? This was that.

A few hours later, my phone rings, and this woman upstairs is calling me. She tells me that if I am hearing strange noises upstairs (?) that I shouldn’t be worried about it, because it was just her grieving over her husband who passed away a few days ago.

Her husband has been living with Parkinson’s in a nursing home for the last five years or so, and the lady upstairs spends every day there with him.  She told me that in a way she felt relieved, but that it was just so “final.”

What do you say in situations like this? I offered my condolences, and offered to help out with anything she needed, but the whole thing just feels really… heavy.  I have never met this man, and the lady upstairs and I have spoken only a handful of times, mainly pleasantries. Yet her grief left me feeling really sad.

Explains why this apartment feels different.


One thought on “The air hangs heavy

  1. Wow, that’s pretty intense! Sometimes people can project their feelings and they become like furniture in the dark, you just run into them. There is nothing you can really say or do after the fact, just deal with the pain.

    The next time I see you remind me to tell you how my sister dreams about dead people, the whole thing is scarily uplifting

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