Song of the day: Jeremy Fisher’s “Cigarette”

Jeremy Fisher is from Vancouver, and sounds like a cross between Paul Simon, John Cougar Mellencamp and Joel Plaskett.

Jeremy Fisher: Cigarette

Scar That Never Heals is another last of folk-pop that leans more on Graceland era Paul Simon. This is not a bad thing.


3 thoughts on “Song of the day: Jeremy Fisher’s “Cigarette”

  1. Just gotta say that I LOVE Jeremy Fisher – definitely a fan (thanks to Jessmo and Sarah Slean for introducing us). And if you ever get a chance (if you haven’t already) he’s a lot of fun live. Just make sure to request a little Stevie Wonder or Prince as he kicks ass at it.

  2. OMG, I LOVE Jeremy Fisher. Does he have a new album out yet? Hook me up STAT. I’m like one of his groupies. (Uhm, so ya, I do listen to other things besides country once in awhile)

  3. Hooked on first listen, and at 55 yrs old, I am happy to hear real good music. It’s that group of friends hanging out and singing the lyrics together. Rad song! ultimately. This guys going places if all he music is so infectuous, which I’m sure is…like his voice!!!!

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