Apologies to God!

So apparently, God reads this blog, and was highly displeased with the “light blasphemy” I committed this morning. After reading my re-appropriation of Mathew 28, God did not find the humour, and decided to punish me for committing this grave sin by re-killing my newly resurrected iPod.

Sorry big guy!

(I was about to buy the $400 slim cut jeans too, thinking the decision was made for me. Now I am back to the drawing board: $400 slim cut jeans or new iPod? Ahhhh… this decision is consuming my very soul!)


2 thoughts on “Apologies to God!

  1. In your spare time, (which you have so much of as a grad student), God wants you to read Lamb by Christopher Moore, a fellow sacreligious bastard. Hi-larious.

  2. What’s next? Giving a baby Jesus statue a noogie?? I told Jessmo about your “light blasphemy” and she literally stopped in her tracks. The laughter wouldn’t let her move. Well done old chap!

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