Typical Me, Typical Me, Typical Me…

This morning, I was in the drive-through (or is it “drive-thru“?) at that Canadian coffee giant that shall not be named (ahem), and I pull through and the clerk said to me:

“Ooh! Oooh! Oooh!”

In my tired state (see: pre-caffeinated) I’m thinking “oh god… what now.”

The woman looks at me and says “The Smiths! Can you please turn it up?”

In my tired state, I heard the words, but I wasn’t making sense of what she was saying… so (typical me) I was like “what?”

She looks at me, dead serious at this point: “This place is killing me today. This is my favourite band in the world. Please. Turn it up for just a second.”

I was horrified. “uhhh… sure….” so I turn it up… but when I turned it up, it ended up being way too loud. I’m thinking “oh God…” but I’m going with it. Then we do the Interact thing (Hayden took all my cash for a “book fair” or something…), and, in my tired state, I did everything except hit the “OK” button. So it is taking forever.

All the while, the Smiths are playing really fucking loudly. I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable, to the point that I think I was sweating, or at the very least, I was red faced.

And this clerk… I can see her taking her time so she can enjoy the song, so she is moving very… very… ….. slo….w…ly… All the while, there is this super long line of cars behind me, and I can see the dude in the pickup behind me getting very impatient… the look on his face “unbelievable.”

So she presses the “ok” button, and the transaction goes through. She hands me my coffee, and at this point I have been at that window for about 3 minutes, so the song is over, and she mouths “thank you” to me.

So I do what anyone does at this point: I raise my coffee cup to her, as if in a “Cheers” motion, and peel out of there.


4 thoughts on “Typical Me, Typical Me, Typical Me…

  1. One time, as a Canadian coffee giant clerk, I ran over to a customer to compliment his Thrush Hermit tshirt.

    …it was Jeff.

    Also, one time a customer ran up to ME and introduced me to his girlfriend as a girl who really likes the Smiths.

    …it was Ryan.

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