RIP: Paul’s iPod 2004-2007

Paul’s iPod (2004-2007)

Paul’s iPod was died this morning from unknown causes. In the beginning, it was a tenuous relationship – after less than one year, it was shipped back to Apple to get treatment for a common ailment known as “blank face” (i.e. the display wasn’t working). Paul’s iPod was returned a short while later, and it was bliss ever since.

In its final days, Paul’s iPod contracted cancer of the hard drive, a common and deadly illness. On Wednesday of this week, while driving between Calgary and Lethbridge, Paul’s iPod started “freezing” up, skipping songs, “stuttering.” Thus, Paul did everything in his power to make sure that it was comfortable, charging its batteries and letting it “rest.” This morning, when checking in on it, Paul discovered that all of the files had dissapeared! It was this last act of bravery – attempting to restore itself – that ended up too much for it to bear.

Paul’s iPod died at 8:46 Friday morning, mercifully ending it’s life before being forced to play “Paul’s Friday Night Party Mix.”

Built sometime in 2004, Paul’s iPod was caught between times – a fourth generation model with 20 Gigs of storage, Paul’s iPod was the first of the “click-wheels,” but the last of the “black and grey screens” – with the newer, cheaper iPod video models with more hard-drive space arriving only months after it found its way into Paul’s life.

Paul’s iPod and Paul went through a lot of good times, a lot of hard times, but it was always there when Paul needed it. Paul pampered it – buying high end headphones, an “indestructible” clear case, and even buying a compatible car stereo so that they never had to be apart.

Paul’s iPod, you will be missed.


6 thoughts on “RIP: Paul’s iPod 2004-2007

  1. I think that maybe we should start a foundation for iPod’s living with illness, or perhaps a home for iPod respite care. My iPod also passed away, it was draining being the care-giver to a iPod in its last days; the constant re-charging was very straining.

  2. Answer? Don’t buy Ipod. All I hear is people having breakdowns and other expensive issues with them. There is a guy who has opened a MONSTER business dedicated to fixing Ipod’s cause they break so often.

    Go Sony or something

  3. Dear qmass,

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Can I bring you a lasagne or something? My family loves with food in times of loss…

    I do have to say that you have also created a sense of fear in me – it turns out that we have the same anomolous iPod and I’m concerned that my poor little iPod’s life will soon come to an end! I suppose that I should start treating it with a little TLC to ensure we can make the best of my little iPod’s last days. Thank you for the heads up. And again, I’m very sorry to hear of your loss.

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