Decisions, decisions…

Do I spend some money on a new iPod (those drives between the two levels of hell I live in are grueling…), or do I buy a pair of $400 jeans?


Premium Baxter Low Rise Slim Boot – Dark Wash – $398.00

Specially handcrafted with premium denim fabric from the highest quality cotton. These limited edition jeans were hand constructed by the best craftsmen to have the most unique intricacies, where no two pairs are the same. Individually hand numbered to insure one-of-a-kind authenticity. Each pair features antiqued metal hardware, genuine abrasion patterns, and destruction. Low Rise Slim Boot Fit. 100% cotton. Imported. (ABERCROMBIE.COM)

What do you think? I mean, I gotsta look hot, right? Plus, I am thinking the “slim boot fit” is excatly what I need…

Vote below.


13 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. Why would you even wear jeans if they weren’t individually hand numbered?
    I mean seriously.
    How do you know what number your pants are otherwise.

  2. Neither. You don’t need them, especially the jeans.

    I would wait until Apple puts out an ipod that will work for more than a year.

    Also, check out the jeans on the site of the store. They are “artfully” ripped and worn. Why to they need to be made with “high quality cotton” if they are already ripped? Do the jeans also come with a six-pack and tousled hair?

  3. Go for the jeans, my friend. They’re from Abercrombie, and it would be SO much better if you went State-side to get them in person … my one and only trip into one of their stores was the most American and most hilarious shopping experience of my life. Seriously worth it. ;)

  4. Uhmmmm, gosh looks like there are many votes for the jeans. On the contrary I suggest the idpod. Remember you are a graduate student tied to either a book or your computer. Music is your tie to the outside world. Clothes are highly over-rated. Just work in your PJ’s. Except for when you go to class of course.

  5. get a visa card and buy both, that’s what kikmo would do. have you learned nothing from our consumer obsessed culture???? and you call yourself a sociologist!

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