New McSweeney’s Lists!

The Meatball studies Major: Suggested Courses.

MS 111: North American Meatballs: A Survey

MS 120: The Making of Modern Meatballs

MS 305: Seventeenth-Century Intellectual Meatballs

MS 575: Mussolini, Stalin, and Antonescu: Meatballs and Leaders

MS 700: Graduate Seminar: Metaballs and Fundamentalism, 1980–Present


What Members of an Increasingly Petulant Host Family Say to Foreign-Exchange Student Maloka Bibihou. BY ANDREW KIRALY

“Go ahead, but you’ll be there quite a while. Like I said, DVDs don’t rewind.”

“There. See? Celebrities don’t bleed perfume. I hope you’re happy now.”

“If you want to get technical about it, I suppose you can eat that.”

“For the millionth time, it’s just a song, not an ‘iSong.'”

“I and the rest of the bowling league would appreciate it if you saved your tribal war dance for home.”

“Well, that’s how we do it in America. Dogs just wear little outfits sometimes.”


Apparent Passions of my Upstairs Neighbors. BY GLENN LINGLE

Moving furniture

Rolling bowling balls off of tables

Keeping time to music by beating a staff

Picking up anvils, and then dropping them



More lists here


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