On: Commodifying Mass Destruction

Check out these new Ads for Diesel Jeans that are attempting to commodify (!!!) Global Warming…

I am at a loss for words here (for once in my life), but all I will say is that these images make me feel fucking sick to my stomache. Global Warming ready indeed. If you look at their website (which I refuse link to…) they give some helpful suggestions on how to stop global warming, like “unplugging your electric guitar” and “eating steak at a resaurant.” These people deserve to be put out of business.

As Dethroner says:

This new ad campaign from Diesel fills me with loathing—I’m just not exactly sure why. Are the ads laughing all the way to our destruction, delightfully self-aware, exploitative of a genuine, lethal issue, too gauche (or just-gauche-enough), sickening, hilarious, a commentary on the ephemeral nature of style, meant to raise environmental awareness, controversy for its own sake, or the up-flipped bird of a civilization that plans to die with its white eel skin boots on?

I am pretty sure that I have a good idea why this campaign fills me with loathing…

4 thoughts on “On: Commodifying Mass Destruction

  1. Oh…my….God. Much like that makes Jessmo embarrassed to be human, those ads make me humiliated to be a citizen of western civilization. I’m boycotting diesel (not that I own anything from their line as it stands; I don’t think I could ever justify that much coin for denim). Wow.

  2. i think these are a perfect example of how far humans have become removed from our environment – we have no concept of the devastation that global warming will have on all forms of life. but at least we’ll be able to buy our V10 ford pickups and 150 dollar diesel jeans in the meantime.

  3. Besides making light of the destruction of our one and only home, planet earth, Diesel also makes light of the human shape! Literally!!
    Let’s count all the rib bones!!

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