National Slowdown Week

Was January 14-20th, and I was working so hard, moving so quickly, doing so much, that it totally slipped my mind.  Here is the spot for it. Along the same lines is a great article from Adbusters on Lonliness and Technology.

For all intents and purpose, I am a shut in, but I am in constant communication with the outside world. If I stop posting/emailing or answering my cell, and I stop coming to class or whatever, please come look for me.

I am terrified of becoming a Joyce Vincent.


2 thoughts on “National Slowdown Week

  1. I have unplugged from all my regular blogs like Engadget, Joystiq and slashdot.

    I found myself letting blogs suck too much of my free time. Now just class blogs and boingboing. I also stopped using Facebook, Myspace and any and all forums I belong to.

    I’ve got to read more books.

  2. Two thoughts:

    1) In response to “slowdown week”… Maybe you should light up on your usage of the caffeinated soap!

    2) Uhm, I don’t want to become Joyce Vincent either. Are you alive Prof Pauly? Maybe we should do coffee face-to-face? People still do that right?

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