Reassembling my thoughts…

My mind is still reeling from class yesterday. I will say this: you never walk out of statistics class thinking you now have the tools to change the world.

I am tired and inspired. Nothing more concrete today than a few uneccesary curse words and worthless musings on how lovely Angelina is looking lately (those lips!) and about how (pray tell) I am going to pull this off. So I leave it alone.
There are those moments when all you want to do is burn the whole thing down, and other moments when you want to get out the toolbox and start building shit (any shit will do). Today, I realized that I have been sledgehammering away at the support beams, and that I better stop that before something really bad happens.

Tonight my dear old Dad and I are going to see our dear Calgary Flames. My Dad and I used to go to Hockey games all the time when I was a kid, which remains among my fondest childhood memories. I speak of this often, but rarely to him.


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