ON: Good, Good Things

Last semester is finally over!! I handed in my RA work, (which I “trimmed” down to 66 pages), and have all of my grades back from Fall semester (straight A’s baby! A in Deviance, A in Narrative/Institutional Ethnography, A- in Stats). Today, semester #2 is beginning – with Art Frank’s theory course this afternoon and “Sociology of Sport” tonight (I am still unconvinced that I am going to do this one). My Mass Com class starts Wednesday (!!!), and things just seem, for this brief moment in time, really really “good.”

Which day will this good feeling end, when everything starts to unravel?

A) Tonight

B) Thursday

C) Mid-January

D) March 15th

Answers in the comment section below, or on a post card, please.


4 thoughts on “ON: Good, Good Things

  1. I vote for March 15. Also, if you are stressed and need a doppleganger, apparently you and I are an exact match. In fact, I bet we could re-enact the John Woo classic “Face/Off” without the aid of any CGI.

    “I could eat a peach for hours…”

    See? I’m almost Nicolas Cage.

  2. Don’t be such a Negative Nancy!
    I vote that this high will stay in place until the day after Coachella is over, when you realize that we had to skip the Arcade Fire set for Peter Bjorn and John. Nothing bad could possibly happen before that.

    Also, my favourite part of ‘Face/Off’ is the squelching sound that Nicholas Cage’s face makes when it’s being peeled off in that futuristic operating room.

  3. in the words of Shakespere…”Beware the ides of March”, but then you’re not Julius Ceasar. Congratulations…I can say “I”m the Mom of an honour student at U of C.

  4. I will answer this question in a letter to you. A letter that will be included in your package as you have won Question Four.
    Congratulations Paul.

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