New Arcade Fire stuff leaks out…

Right now you can pick up “Intervention” from iTunes (if you haven’t already), and if you look hard enough, you can find an mp3 of “Black Wave/Bad Intentions” (which is epic in scope – ask and ye shal recieve), and you can listen to another new song and Arcade Fire’s first single from their new album, “Black Mirror,” at Just click on Win’s name, then on “Win’s Scrapbook,” then on the little bird to hear the track.

The artwork for the single:


Check out this ultra weird ad they released today for the new album (out in March). Very creepy.


Call 1-866-NEON-BIBLE  if you want to talk to Wil from the Arcade Fire today…. Holy shit!!!


One thought on “New Arcade Fire stuff leaks out…

  1. I heard sook yun talk about this on CBC, 1800 numbers are not exploited enough.

    P.s this is the user name for my wordpress blog for your class.

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