The Format: Time Bomb

So I am getting there, you know? I will be done this RA crap in the morning. This was way too much bullshit/hassle. I have been working at this, more or less since 230 this afternoon, and I am not leaving until it is done tonight.

Anyway, I am still at the University, on a Saturday night at 10PM.  This is fine – it is quiet here, and it beats Grandma Anne’s (where I am sleeping tonight).

Anyway, I know I posted one amazing song already today, and here is another one.

The Format: Time Bomb

This song is so hot that it is peeling the nicotine-stain yellow paint right off the walls of the shitty windowless office.  Especially at the 2:10 mark, where they blatantly rip off The Arcade Fire (think at this point “Alexander! Our older brother! Sailed off For! A Great Adventure!” That said, I kind of love this song at that point, so all is forgiven.

The Format [MySpace]

Secondly, check out their amazing web page: you have to use your arrow keys and make the doggy fly around. Fun!

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