Library Extortion

Apparently, if you fail to return two library books for a total of two weeks, you have to pay $30 in order to take out books again. Mind you, these books were both from the early 80’s and would be worth about $2 at a yard sale. I call “bullshit.”

$30 dollars?!?! This place gets better and better.


7 thoughts on “Library Extortion

  1. You are an angry, angry, man. That’s why it is called a Library, and not “Paul’s private on-campus book store”
    Their Motto: He can take out whatever he wants, for as long as he wants.

  2. Just get them to hook up your email to the system of spam messages that will warn you like 3 times that your book due dates are approaching!

  3. it’s a buck a day for each book. is it their way of encouraging us to buy every book we read? ;)

    i returned mine during the xmas break and suffered only 3.00 in fines, another female student had $125 dollars in fines, ouch!

  4. And then there is me – who shamelessly played the age card… “But mam, I is just a poor old student – so very old – who is too dumb to get the date right… really I’ve never done anything like it before… blink blink”. Result? No fine. Heh heh. We won’t mention that the Calgary Library people took away my library card 24 years ago and won’t give it back now will we?

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