New Day Rising

New Years Eve was kind of a wash for me. This is unsurprising, though I feel that I may have encountered what one might call a “self fulfilling prophecy,” in fhat I was expecting to maybe not have the greatest time (but hoping to have one), and I didn’t.

Here is the thing: we went to this place called “Victoria’s” on 17th avenue in Calgary; it was billed as a “masquerade” and from all reports, the promoters who put it on generally do amazing things. This is not in question, as the idea of this event seemed to be a winner.

Yet, when I got there, it was just Calgary to the Nth degree; Way too many people (it was oversold by at least 300 tickets), and the place was way way understaffed (it would have been understaffed if half of the people were there). Thus, you couldn’t get a drink (after waiting through tedious lines, you were lucky to be acknowledged unless you were showing cleavage), you couldn’t move around. The atmosphere was gross, people were not (to my eyes) really enjoying themselves…

Over the last four months, this has generally been my experiance with Calgary as a whole. The strain from everyone and their dog moving here from all over the country is getting to its breaking point, and it is events like these that throw it in everyones face.

Who wants to live like this?


5 thoughts on “New Day Rising

  1. Paul,

    It is too bad that you only got to experience the first part (and the most awful part) of the party. Because the rest of it was cinematically tasty…any time I see a stiltwalker dressed up as Death grinding up against some girl who was previously goosing me, I am sold. SOLD.


  2. I enjoyed the Wii sports. I had nothing to wear. That was my excuse and escape strategy from going to Calgary.
    After being in Calgary for about 2 hrs I start to hate everything. I’m afraid that city would turn me into the guy you hear about on the news. “Man storms shopping mall with machine gun and kills 23.”
    I like big cities…just not horribly planned ones.

  3. Yes, well it could have been worse… I was at home, by myself (spouse out partying I might add)working on an assignment, quit at 11:45 to watch the ball drop, and the dang TV station cut to commercial 20 seconds before it went. So I ushered in the new year with what might have been a car commercial – I couldn’t tell. At least it was the end of Ryan Seacrest.

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