My Life in Books (2006 Edition)

The books I read in 2006 (in chronological order, no less)

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk – all I will say about this is that Palhniuk is a sick fucker, and that this book is awesome.

Fights of Our Lives: Elections, Leadership, and the Making of Canada by John Duffy – I was reading this during my tenure with the NDP in the Federal Election in January. I love reading about the “behind-the-scenes” happenings at political conventions, and this was no exception… highly recommended.

Speaking Out: Ideas That Work for Canadians by Jack Layton – Don’t get me wrong, Layton is a brilliant man, and this book was preaching to the choir… however, I am dissapointed at how this brilliance is carried out in his “public persona.”

The Life and Political Times of Tommy Douglas by Walter Stewart – This is now one of my favourite books, Stewart does a bang up job in dissecting Douglas’s political career, and the role he played in Canadian history.

Paris 1919 by Margaret Macmillan – I read this in the span of one weekend… an excellent accounting of the peace treaty that was signed after WWI.

Foucault by J.G. Merquior – in which Foucault gets ripped to shreds… I didn’t like this book at all, but could not put it down.

The Hermeneutics of The Subject By Michel Foucault – The third book in Foucault’s lecture series that Palgrave is putting out (I’ve been collecting them as they come out). Of all the lecture series, this one is my favourite as it details the proto-thought that went into History of Sexuality and Discipline and Punish. I lost the original dust jacket though, and now I have to find another copy with one…

The Rebel Sell: Why The Culture Can’t Be Jammed by Andrew Potter and Joseph Heath – This was my second reading of this book, and I have gone on and on about it enough; thus all I will say is that through this book, I am starting to see ways in which us lefties can stop chasing our tails and wasting our time. Highly Recommended

King Dork by Frank Portman – I think this book has been lent to everyone in my social circle, because it is just that good. This is teen-lit at its finest, the story of this kid who wants nothing than to rock and roll, and does this by inventing fake band names and albums (personal favourite fake-album title: “Margaret? It’s Me God. Shut Up.”), while at the same time awkwardly making out with random girls and uncovering the “mystery” of his father’s death… aside from the dad part, this book is essentially about my life as a teenager.

Generation X / MicroSerfs / Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland – And so begins my tenure as a guy who talks to rich old white Americans all day, everyday, about their money and how I, personally, am responsible for losing all of it. To pass the time on breaks, I read three Coupland Books, all of which I loved (though I have to say that I loved Girlfriend the most).

At this point, I was starting to gear up for school, so I re-read Foucault’s Madness and Civilization and History of Sexuality. I also read most of Max Weber’s The Protestant Work Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism for some unknown reason.

Fargo Rock City by Chuck Klosterman – I love this book a lot – a cultural history of heavy metal, as told by a banger. Very entertaining

Appetite for Destruction: The Days of Guns and Roses by Danny Sugerman – This book was terrible.

Then school hits, and I think I have detailed the books I read already: Reintegrative Shaming by John Braithewaite, The Outsiders by Howard Becker, Delinquency and Drift by Matza, Seductions of Crime by Jack Katz, and a chunk of Fixing Broken Windows… and also Institutional Ethnography by Dorothy Smith and Institutional Ethnography as Practice.

Then there was After Method by John Law… I am reading this again, and plan to read Complexities right after… For me, After Method is by far my favourite book..

I suppose that I didn’t do so badly this year after all. An average of a book every two weeks or so? My goal for 2007 is to double this.

6 thoughts on “My Life in Books (2006 Edition)

  1. I also enjoy Douglas Coupland. Have you seen Souvenir of Canada?
    If you would like to borrow Miss Wyoming, All Families are Psychotic, Shampoo Planet, Eleanor Rigby or Hey Hostradamus! I have those, and you are welcome to them.
    I also have some things I am getting rid of as result of the move. Would you like:
    “Have not been the same: The CanRock Renaissance”
    a ukeleilei
    a Yamaha Portasound keyboard ?

  2. Sadly the only books I’ve read on your list were Fargo Rock City (excellent mirror of my childhood btw) and the Coupland books.
    I need to read jPod and see the movie Everything’s Gone Green. Maybe in a few months I’ll track them down. I still have a Vancouver hangover and am not too keen on jumping back into that world.

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