On: Paying it Forward (update)

I am messed up. I couldn’t let my karmic imbalance last for long, so here is what ended up happening (per request).

I was in the drive through at the SAME company, but this time in Calgary (I figure that Calgarians need more love anyways, living through this out-of-control boom and all). I get to the window (as per instructions), and I say to the lady there:

Me: “I want to pay for the guy behind me’s order”

Her: “Why, is he a buddy of yours or something?”


“What, did he wink at you or something” (me thinking: “unbelievable”)

“No. It’s Christmas, and I was just trying to do something nice”



The moral of this story is to never do anything nice for anyone ever.


7 thoughts on “On: Paying it Forward (update)

  1. Perhaps the problem lies with the workers at, erm, the big coffee place with drive-thrus and staff wearing hair nets. I too would be grumpy at an upset in my well-oiled restauranting machine. Don’t let their dissatisfaction with their workplace and hair accoutrements spoil your good deed!

  2. I agree with Jane. Calgarians at Tim Hortons are no measure of the Christmas spirit of others or the merit of good deed doing. For instance, two of my coworkers just brought me a Caramel Apple Cider (my favorite)from starbucks just because they are nice, so not everyone is a dick in a hairnet.

    Listen to some Christmas Mariah. She makes everything right.

  3. Fuck that. You’ve redeemed yourself.

    Also, Christmas Mariah is worse than non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Listen to “Nights on Broadway” by the Bee Gee’s instead!

  4. Did Jared get a job at a fast food joint, or is he a dick without a hairnet?

    Christmas Mariah is good. Wind-up bucking donkeys are also good.

  5. Wow, I’m sorry. For some reason T.Ho staff members NEVER seem very concerned about proper customer service.

    Maybe I should write a John Hodgman-esque chapter on this subject, I could proplerly warn customers to get around inadequately trained staff members.

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