Worst of the worst…

A few years ago, my family was doing the age-old Christmas eve tradition of driving aimlessly through the city to look at single-strands of lights, I heard this song on the radio. At the time, I declaired: “Christmas or not… this is the WORST song I have ever heard.

Now, I just found the video, and I can declare: “Christmas or not… this is the WORST video I have ever seen…).

Witness The Fitness:  

Second worst Christmas song ever:



(Don’t Hassle the Hoff… ‘specially on Xmas!) 


3 thoughts on “Worst of the worst…

  1. German or not, good ol’ David just doesn’t send me over the edge.
    Here is another pathetic attempt to please his German fan base (and probably his only one). I am terribly ashamed to be German as I am watching this.

    And here the evidence for David’s delusions of grandeur:


    and the video that proves it all:

  2. HAHA That Christmas Shoe Parody song was hilarious!

    ..wait..that wasn’t a parody?!?

    Great, thanks Paul, now I have to kill myself. On CHRISTMAS.

  3. I REALLY want to see a showdown between the Christmas Shoes guy and R Kelly’s dramas! TOSS UP! Lets try get these two together!

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