Quotation Mark Abuse

I am a big “fan” of these. They are very “humerous” and “make” my day.

Wink, wink… washing hands is for the “man.”

So this means I can open more packages? I am confused…

Nothing like a nice bowl of “oatmeal…” shudder.

I “get” it!

This one has so much that it kind of hurts my head, and I promised no heavy thinking tonight, so let’s move on. However, I do feel bad for Bev (what a way to be outed as an “alcohlic”)

Which “baby” are we referring to here? Ewwww


Near-beer it is!

Again… too much

How, exactly, will it be “repaired?”

Why thank-you!

Exactly, what will the “flashers” be “loading?”


3 thoughts on “Quotation Mark Abuse

  1. AAHHH! I totally forgot to include that on my grammar-related post. I HATE the abuse of quotation marks, and it’s a ubiquitous abuse at that. I’m angry just reading that. Great pics, by the way.

  2. This is so odd because only last week on Tuesday I went to the delicious and affordable Lakeview Bakery for lunch and commented to my coworker Bev (maybe Alchohalic Bev?) that a poster there advertising a new pastry said:

    “Cream” “Horns”
    $1.29 each

    The pastry is called a Cream Horn, which is funny it itself, but while I knew instinctivly they were not real horns that could play music and were only horn shaped (like a “horn of plenty” not a “trumpet” or “french horn” of course), I didn’t suspect there wouldn’t be real cream “in” “them”.
    Or that the people there were so illiterate. Despite their punctuation errors, though, their “soup” is mighty nice.

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