Settling into a long winter’s nap…

Even though shit is going to (maybe?) hit the fan in about 12 hours (stats exam 3), I am still up and trying to work on my notes so that there will be minimal surprises. I am burned out to the max.

I have to give a shout out here to my classmates here, especially Mark, Annette and Heather who have suffered through my whining and moaning all semester long. I would not have done as well as I have in this class without each of you. You guys are brilliant, and have helped me out so much, I thank you.

Cheesy? Obviously.

I had to come up to Calgary a day early, because of said exam, and now that I realize how tired I am from driving up here and craming for a couple of hours, I am really happy I didn’t decide to drive up early tomorrow am. That said, every night away from my own bed is a small-scale torture, so it is hard to say which will be worse for me. I REALLY hope that my department decides to shed some light into what my life is going to look like in the next four months.

This semester has passed me by so quickly. I have been so busy, I have been barely existing, neglecting everything just to maintain my sanity, and I have to say as well, this blog has been a great outlet for getting my brain warmed up, sharing the music I am always obsessing over, and connecting to people on a new level.

Ok, I am going to leave this at that before I start getting teary or something.


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