Best thing / Worst thing

I just saw a trailer for a new movie called “The Number 23.” It stars Jim Carrey, and it is about a man who starts to make all these “menacing” connections with the number 23, which apparently is evil or something. It looks cool, but at the same time it also looks really shitty.

Watch the trailer for yourself and see if you can push me to either side, because I am right in the middle, and I’m teetering baby.


3 thoughts on “Best thing / Worst thing

  1. O.K., here is my pitch. It looks great but unless you are ready to go through a couple days of severe paranoia, don’t watch it.A couple years ago some German film makers came up with a movie surrounding the number 23, it’s link to the illuminati, and the illuminati world conspiracy which supposedly reaches into the highest ranks of governments. After watching it I looked over my shoulder for a week and I don’t have to say that the number 23 popped up left and right, all of a sudden. God bless selective perception…

  2. Man that’s weird.
    I had a lyrics I never used “good things come in 23s”, because once I noticed a large amount of CDs I own featured 23 tracks.

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