Oh dear!

Dear forsaken blog readers.

I almost completely neglected you, and I know that I have caused great disaray and unease in your life. My day was full of bread! I did a presentation today on my shoplifting paper. When I started writing it in my head a few weeks ago, it seemed really great, and hearing it come out of my mouth, I was all “you need to get your shit together buddy!”

This self-criticism is something that I know each and every one of you know all too well, especially my grad student compadres. This constant re-evaluation to how much you possibly suck is the gas in our engines. It is the great distinguisher between us and them. You don’t want to become a them.


I am about to go re-focus myself on my paper on working in group-homes, working at my group-home. No one is here tonight, so I came early. I get paid to do absolutely nothing.

We have a new client here, and he has this great behavior where, last night, the staff on shift served him perogies, and thinking no one was looking, he took two off his plate and threw them under the table. For no reason. I love this guy already. He’s into Sabbath.

I am starting to get really tired. Perhaps things are already taking their toll, and as we all know, it’s too soon. I can sleep on Boxing day.


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