Stéphane Dion Wins Liberal Leadership

The whole day, while working on a paper, I have been tuned to CBC’s coverage of the Liberal Convention. It was just announced that Stéphane Dion won, and my second choice overall, and I am pleased.

Dion is a former professor from Laval, Dion has a PhD in Sociology (!!) from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, and has been labelled a “thinker” by those who know him. I was originally behind Ignatieff, another “thinker,” but with excessive baggage and aloofness that would have been a factor in the Liberals spiraling down to early 90’s federal PC levels.

Fact: when I was in the fourth grade, I used to have a John Turner poster over my bed. When he lost to Mulroney in that 88 election, I tore it from my wall in a fit of disappointment. In the last election, I worked for the Lethbridge New Democratic Party, largely because of the wonderful Melanee Thomas we had as a candidate. I love the NDP – their policies are close to my heart and I put in many long hours for the party.

That said, for as much love as I have for the NDP, I have an even stronger distaste for the Conservatives… to be honest, I am terrified of them winning a majority in the next election. The energy bill alone… lets just say that they are not good for this country, domestically or on a global stage.  I strongly believe that they have been tempered by their minority status, and that given the chance, they are going to do us a lot of harm.

I will have to see how Dion does, but I have been strongly considering putting my energy into the local Liberals in the next election… especially if Layton is still NDP leader (I don’t care for him), and depending on who the local candidate is (the last guy, nice as he was, was an embarrassment).

I am the type of voter that both the NDP and the Liberals hate – I sit right in the middle, closer to NDP in policy matters, but wanting the Liberals to do well in order to displace Harper…


2 thoughts on “Stéphane Dion Wins Liberal Leadership

  1. I’m with you on putting more energy into the Liberals (I’ve actually started already with a good friend from undergrad who was involved in Dion’s leadership campaign). Although I’ve always adored the NDP, I think in the instance of politics, the ‘middle of the road’ route is always more effective in getting things done. And a sociologist potentially leading Canada?! How rad is that?

  2. I’d have to agree with you both. I didn’t know much about Dion at first, but the more I learn, the more I like (go sociology). Here’s to getting Harper out of power!

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