What day is it again?

So last night’s cryptic post about the poo smell turned out to be much, much worse than you, or I, could ever have dreamt. I will refrain from the gory gory’s, but use your imagination and I guarantee you that it was worse. Traumatized.

Trust me, you really don’t want to know.

I got to school this morning with that sick “pre-getting-your-test-back” dread, and moments later I was on top of the world…..85%! This is good. I think I may be able to pull off an A- in the class, and this is better than I could have hoped (or cared) for.

I still say “fuck stats,” but with a smug sense of saying it because I really hate it and not because I am doing terrible in it.

It seems as well that this blog is starting to grow legs – I had a record setting day, with almost 500 unique views today alone (all of which are going to one post, the Simpson’s grad studen’t clips, and not my award winning musings on life, love and a statistics text book). I also made it onto wordpress’s “Blogs of the Day” list, coming in at a decent 86th place. It’s gonna be hard to not feel sad once all these new visitors have gone from whence they came. To be honest, I feel a little cheap from the whole thing.

You got the touch! You got the power! (from the Transformer’s movie)

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