Hot Chip: Boys From School

Hot Chip: Boys From School

I listened to this song many times early this summer, and listening to this again is sort of like inviting an old friend over for pie (a weak excuse to revive some blocked, distant trauma).

For some reason, I forgot. I saw the video on The Wedge a while back, and had to strain to remember the melody. I knew it, somewhere inside; never leaving, buried under hope for the future and statistics.

Whatever it was, it rises again to make me feel incredibly sad.

Now this song will have to share a distinct summer at the lake memory and a November blues and christmas lights up-too-early again memory.


2 thoughts on “Hot Chip: Boys From School

  1. mmmmmmmm so good.

    This song also holds bittersweet memories for me, as I was introduced to it by my long-lost friend Rochelle. I fear I shall never see her again, so I will reminisce with Hot Chip. :(

  2. A guy I know who lives in TO and was almost my roommate and comes from Jolly ole UK was IN Hot Chip and was kicked out before they got big. He is a very annoying guy so I can relate to their decision, but doooode, what a crap qthing! Imagine being booted out of a band right before they got big! Gah! Apparently their live show is garbage on wheels. But I still like them and they remind me also of Rochelle who disappeared.

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