The Pick of Destiny

So after a hard afternoon (and with a long night ahead) of manning this very keybord, I decided to take in some fine cinema in the form of Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny.

A few things first:

I came into this film a fan of the D, dating back to their Mr. Show appearances. Secondly, I totally identify with these guys. Which is both awesome and sad at the same time.

The thing about The Pick of Destiny is that there is nothing new about it. These two have been milking the “D” for almost a decade now. However, this is fine with me as the “D” have never failed to make me laugh. Throughout this film, I laughed a lot, and a few times, I was crying with laughter.

However, when I looked around the half-filled theatre, I also noticed that 90% of the audience was not getting the humor and were playing with their phones or sleeping or praying for death. In fact, there were a few points where I was laughing loudly, and then realized quickly that I was the only one doing so. This actually kind of sucks.

Take that as you will: if you are a fan going in, you will probably have a few shits and giggles, and if you are not, I probably wouldn’t reccomend it. Also, your enjoyment of this movie will be directly proportional to your tolerance of Jack Black.

Even if Dave Grohl is playing Satan.

here is a clip from the movie:

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