End of year list: Top 25 Robert Pollard Songs Released in 2006

  1. I’m A Widow
  2. Death of the Party
  3. Accidental Texas Who
  4. Gold
  5. Recovering
  6. Boxing About
  7. Beauty of the Draft
  8. The Right Thing
  9. Pegasus Glue Factory
  10. Conquerer Of The Moon
  11. Full Sun (Dig The Slowness)
  12. Dancing Girls And Dancing Men
  13. Towers And Landslides
  14. Evil Vs. Evil
  15. Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
  16. Island of Lost Lucys
  17. Light Show
  18. Get a Faceful
  19. Lost Upon Us
  20. Supernatural Car Lover
  21. This Time Do You Feel It?
  22. Rhoda Rhoda
  23. U.S. Mustard Company
  24. I Surround You Naked
  25. The Numbered Head

Dr. Pollard (Phd. in ROCK!), you are a god among men.


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