The Transparent Society

Watch (if you can stomach) Michael Richards, aka “Kramer” from “Seinfeld” lose it onstage. Richards flipped out at heckler and launched into a stream of racist taunts, all caught on video. The Seinfeld Curse strikes again.


As noted on Lessigblog (by the amazing Lawrence Lessig, he of the Free Culture movement), “there are few moments that crystallize as well just how the 21st Century could be different…it’s time to re-read David Brin’s fantastic book, The Transparent Society, for it has a salience today that would have been missed when it was published.”

Though I have been hearnig about this racist tyrade all day, leave it to Lessig to put it into a shiny new constex. The Transparent Society is a book that I read for my thesis literature reaview (and a book that I highly reccomend to anyone interested in these issues – you can read the introduction online here).


2 thoughts on “The Transparent Society

  1. go on youtube and look for last night’s episode of letterman with Jerry seinfeld and live sattelite apology from kramer himself. eery.

  2. i think this has been blown out of proportion. it looks like a simple publicity stunt – funny how there’s video of the incident, from a private club, on the same week as the release of the new seinfeld DVD for season 7.

    plus, i’ve watched the video. it’s ‘extreme’ comedy, everything is ‘extreme’ now to get noticed. and the fact that he called the guys ‘nigger’ is ridiculous – look at the top 10 in the r&b/hip-hop chart – listen to the lyrics.

    richards is just pushing buttons to get a reaction, much like lenny bruce did.dealing with the socially ‘unacceptable’.

    good blog by the way, good commentary.

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