The Blood Lines

So, here it is, 1145 on a Sunday night (that is 2345 for you army folk…), and am sitting here, in front of my computer, typing out notes for my Stats exam (see below: Shit I hate (x40). item #1), and I think to myself “this is crazy!”

Then I remembered: “If not this, then I would probably be sitting here, at 1130 (2330) reading about…”

Then I countered (myself): “but you are sitting here reading something else besides stats!”

If you are still following, congratulations! You are about to be rewarded.

So I have stats exam #2 (see below: Shit I hate (x40). item #1) this Friday (faint), at the lovely hour of 9am.

On Thursday (the night before stats exam #2, see below: Shit I hate (x40). item #1), I have concert tickets for The Dears at Mac Hall.

I know what you are thinking (or what you have already said to me): “Dude, you are crazy.”

I am inclined to agree with you. In fact, I am feeling great dissonance about this. See I bought tickets back in September, out of a spur of the moment desire to see a band I really, really like. However, it is STATS! Ugh.

I don’t know what to do. On one hand, I am studying like ba-na-nas, and plan on doing so all week, and then taking Thursday night away from studying.

On the other hand… it is STATS! Ugh.

The reason this is being written (besides taking a break… I think I finally kind of get matrices!) is that I found out who is opening for the Dears: see below.

Dears: Lost in the Plot


Who: The Blood Lines

<- Hip!

What: The band that is opening for the Dears on Thursday night (a great fit!)

Where: Saskatoon, Sask (or… the only place in Saskatchewan that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself).
Why: I listened to the songs they have online, and they are AMAZING! Really good. So good I am providing (linking to…) four Mp3’s.

Modern Science / Stay Home / The End of the World / Song Salvation (pick!)

When: Thursday night… screw stats!


2 thoughts on “The Blood Lines

  1. Yaaay! Screw stats! Replenish yourself before the exam. Besides, there’s only so much time one can spend studying and reading shit that makes ZERO sense before a complete mental breakdown occurs(i.e.: John Fox–WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?).

  2. Ha! I agree with the above comment. Like I always sez: If you don’t know it before 8pm on Thursday night, you’re not going to know it!

    Also, I am selfish and want you to come to the show. So perhaps my advice should be taken with a pound of salt.

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