The Striped White Jets (GBV Tribute Band)

Who: The Striped White Jets, a Guided By Voices tribute band that is essentially me playing with a band I used to be in, Favour, but playing only Guided By Voices songs that we are all learning for more or less the first time.

Where: The Slice in Leathbridge, Alberta Canada

When: Friday December 8, 2006

What: Here is a list of some things we may play (and the corresponding video from the “real” GBV!)

I Am A Scientist

-My Valuable Hunting Knife

-Tractor Rape Chain

-The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory

-Motor Away

-Game Of Pricks

-Exit Flagger

-Bulldog Skin

This is something I have been dreaming of for many many years, and it is finally coming true! The truth is, I know most of these songs on guitar already, and I understand that I am going to be drumming on a couple songs as well (!!!), so cool. We are practicing tomorrow morning, and then I am going to study for the rest of the day (hi Mark!).

Anyways, I hope all my dear readers from Shit City will show up, and if anyone wants to come down from Cal-ghary, they are welcome to crash at my house.


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