Shit I Hate (x40)

1. Statistics exams

2. Living in two cities

3. 15:00 hours

4. The “workers revolution” (for taking so long to start)

5. Paying the bills

6. The Holocaust

7. People that wear t-shirts of the band they are going to see

7.1 People that just bought said t-shirt at the same show

8. Hinder

9. Always having a shitty car that always breaks down and costs money

10. People who camp outside big box stores to purchase a video game system

11. Soup

12. Matrix algebra

13. The “Internets” – enough of this already

14. “not being productive” guilt

15. The Grammys / The American Music Awards / The People’s Choice Awards

16. Peas

17. Canada Student Loans

18. My Insurance Company

19.  The DaVinci Code

20.  Anticipation

21. Poor people that vote Conservative.

22. Dread (also dreadlocks)

23. My stalkers

24. Donald Rumsfeld

25. “I’m just being the Devil’s advocate here…” – fuck off

26. People who “float” through without ever putting an ounce of effort into anything

27. People who just sit there and don’t engage anything. S

28. Those Kurt Cobain memorial t-shirts

29. Vegans

30. Yoga

31. Celebrities and how much I know about their meaningless lives

32. The Cobrasnake

33. Designer clothing

34. Calgary Alberta

35. Sexism

36. Classical music

37. Grownups

38. Tautology

39. People who were mean to me this year, and whom I had to shut out of my life.

40.  People who argue black/white, and then the person that steps in with an argument about “shades of grey.”


6 thoughts on “Shit I Hate (x40)

  1. Re: the people who camp outside big box stores. I heard on the radio that people were paying homeless men and women to stand in line for them to buy new gaming systems that typically sell out. What a comment on our world, hey?! Sorry to hear that you hate classical music–I’m going to try and change your mind about this!

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