Deal…. or NO DEAL?!?! (NO DEAL! NO DEAL!!! NO DEAL!!!!! NO DEAL!!!!!!

I found where you can play Deal or No Deal online, and I started playing it, and then realized that Deal or No Deal is the worst game ever invented in the history of games, even without Howie “Boston Pizza” Mandel.

If you don’t know about Deal….or No Deal (NO DEAL! NO DEAL! NO DEAL! NO DEAL! DEAL? NO DEAL!!! NO DEAL?? NO DEAL?!?!? DEAL!!!!! DEAL!!!!! DEEEEAAAALLLL), it is this game show, a game show that I hate.

Here is how the producers pitched it:

“Ok, its this game where you randomly pick a numbered suitcase, and then randomly select subsequent suitcases with random dollar amounts and YOU COULD WIN”

and the network was like “uhh… that sounds terrible…”

The producers were all like “but each suitcase is going to be opened by a hot chick

showing lots of tittage…”

The network came back at them “intriguing… go on…”

So the producers were all “and we are going to have an “evil” banker, a metaphor for the “man” that viewers hate so, so much…”

The network was all like “do tell us more!”

The producers knew it was time to seal the deal “Howie “Boston Pizza” Mandel is going to crack painfully unfunny “jokes” throughout”

The network was all “DEAL!!! DEAL!!!!!! DEALLLLLL!!!! DEEEEAAAALLLLL!!!! DEAL!!”


On my way home, I heard a prof from U of T on the radio derride Borat for being harmful to society. She was wrong. That honor goes to Deal… OR NO DEAL!!!

…also Ronald McDonald.

Deal!!!! [ ]

“Miss McDonald”

Does “Ronald” live in our world?

What is “Ronald” so scared of?

What is he looking for?



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