Gwen Stefani “Wind it Up”

Questions from Guest blogger Jane Leo:

1) Where has all the good pop music gone?

2) Remember when Gwen Stefani had her name in lights in the Moby video, tongue-in-cheek style? Is this a meta-meta reference now?

3)  I think that this should be sampling West Side Story instead of Sound of Music.

4) Where’s the hook?

5) Where did the Harijuku Girls go to? Were they finally freed from slavery by Angelina?

6) When have you ever seen a nun wear a mini-skirt-habit?

7) “This is the key that…n-an-as! Ba-na-nas!”

8) Is it ok to plug your own clothing line?

9) Check out the Key-Tar!

10) What was she making on the G-sewing-machine? Looks tiring! Was she making a Gwen effigy?


3 thoughts on “Gwen Stefani “Wind it Up”

  1. The beat in this song is trying to succeed right beside the club phenomenon “Holla Back Girl”. However, it’s a weak rendition, and it falls flat on it’s face for sounding a bit too much like the Black Eyed Peas. If only the Neptunes could have done something possibly more original. [Note: There seems to be a “Original Neptunes Mix” on the single. ]

    Another thing wrong with the song is verses change far too quickly, and take awhile to repeat. I really felt like I was watching Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas sing a gangsta rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Also, anyone who truly loves Top 40 pop knows that G. Stefani is nothing. Kylie Minogue is everything.

  2. It really does sound sooo much like the Lumps song that Guest Blogger Jane Leo has as her ring tone (you should, really, Jane). It’s the twin of that song.

    I actually like the SOM sample, but she isn’t taking it to the limit. And I think I saw a harujuku girl in a blond wig, but don’t think Angelina or the UN don’t have several petitions going about that.

    But I just can’t quite hate on Gwen. It’s fair that she is no Kylie, but dude, she is still Gwen. And there is nothing Gwen does better than plug her own line. HELLO! Her last album has the same name as her line! The clothing line came first. Her album is named after her clothes. ‘Nuff said. I am surprised her new son isn’t named Love Angel Music Baby Stephani Rossdale.

  3. I loved this song! I didn’t really like the plugging of her clothing line either, but any song that samples Lonely Goatherd is pretty awesome in my book.

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