Grace, the snow is here.

This morning, while thinking about working on my Shoplifting paper, I was listening to the first Gloria Record EP (1998), and remembering how much I used to listen to it. Here are two of the songs I like the most:
Grace, the Snow is Here / Torch Yourself

It is good blustery, “too warm for winter, but still not fun to be outside” on a Sunday afternoon music.

My favourite Gloria Record lyric is from “Torch Yourself“:

These people have no feelings; their heads are the only things that ever teach them anything about love.

This lyric has been stuck in my head for some time, especially when I am talking with certain sociology-people who analyze the “social” with a cold, calculating indifference.

Thisis an issue has been rumbling around in my mind this week after working my way through most of John Law’s After Method: Mess in Social Science Research (which I will write more about here when I finish it), and what he says about social science’s inability to pick up the emotional aspect of the “social.”

I can’t get past this idea.


There is a copy of this EP at Blueprint in downtown Lethbridge for really cheap (five bucks?). It is hanging up on the wall under the “staff picks” section, and I highly recommend it.



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