On: Borat

After an agonizing trip to the dentiststats lecture, some of my compatriots decided to blow off some steam and catch a matinee of Borat. More people were supposed to come than did come, but this is because those people are quanties with no sense of humor.

Without spoiling it (it is expected that it will open “wide” this coming Friday), I honestly laughed for almost the entire movie. It is unbelievable, and there is one scene where… well, lets just say I now have a mental image that will haunt me until my death.

This thread from ask.metafilter is interesting in light of seeing the movie… it is from the friend of one of the people who appeared in the film and now have “unwanted celebrity” status, because they were “tricked” into revealing their true bigoted selves.

Which is, of course, the entire reason why Borat is important: the point of Borat, the boarish, sexist, anti-sematic, animal rights hater etc. is to squirrel out those things in Americans so that we can laugh, uncomfortably, at how ugly and stupidthese things are when said out loud. This is not the pointless mookery of Jackass or even the hilarious, but often socially irrelevent mocumentaries of Christopher Guest and crew (Spinal Tap, Mighty Wind, Best in Show, etc.). Borat is important as he is funny.  

When you get a chance to go see this, don’t blow it off. Trust.


Work is starting to pile up as the semester enters it’s final sprint. In the next four weeks, here is what I have to contend with:

75 or so annotations for my RA work this semester

2 Statistics Exams

4 Statistics Assignments

1 Statistics Paper (“How Internet Use is Related to Cultural Capital”) 10 pages

1 Deviance Paper (“Been Caught Stealin’: Accounts of Shoplifting in Blogs and Popular Media”) 15 pages

1 Institutional Ethnography (Which has no title yet, but will explore how group home workers “do” and how they should be doing their work according to the policy and procedures manuals) 15-25 pages.

 Excuse me while I go hide under a blanket….

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