The “November Surprise” cutting it close this year, no?

I just got back from class to the earth shattering, paradigm shifting news:

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline (aka “K-Fed”) have officially “split.” See graphic below.

Now, I am still reeling a little about this, so it may take me a few days to form any coherent thoughts. I just cannot believe they lasted this long! I think that I actually may owe some people money on this, because I had given them six months, tops. Honestly, we should have seen this coming. How could we not have seen this coming?

More importantly, what about the timing of announcing it on voting day for our American comrades? I mean, the Saddam thing yesterday was huge for Karl Rove, but this…. this is Karl Rove’s pièce de résistance. I mean, think about it – back in 2002, Rove performed some magic that made Brit Brit fall in love with K-Fed, and timed it perfectly so that it would wear off the day of the midterm elections FOUR YEARS LATER!

Bravo, Karl Rove. Bravo.


4 thoughts on “The “November Surprise” cutting it close this year, no?

  1. But what about the children?! K-Fed needs to stop impregnating messy, disasterous Southern “Belles”. I’m advocating a vasectomy.

    Also, those pigs make me sad. :(

  2. I’m actually really nervous about this break-up, ’cause K-Fed is one of the people I find most entertaining in a ridiculous sort of way. Now that he doesn’t have nepotism to get him on the news, I fear that he will drop out of the pop culture picture altogether. I hope that this propels him to a new level of fame so he can keep the entertainment coming!

  3. I was rather shocked when I figured out who K-fed was, and how low Britney dugg for this (excuse my language) turd.

    I’m not one to support rampant pre-marital sex, but I really think if Brit had experience some more of the adult things in life before marrying this fool, she may have had the sense to not marry him.

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