PWND: Visual descriptions of Internet Acronyms

Visual descriptions of Internet Acronyms

This collection of images from online cartoonist goopymart was posted to Flickr as a collection titled “TeH Internets.” Here they are, with my own descriptions explaining what they mean.

NSFW: Not Safe For Work.

A link within a blog is often labeled (NSFW), meaning that if you open the link while you are at work, you are probably going to get fired. This mostly applies to boobies, vaginas and penises, but also links containing Hitler (Hitler will get you fired). Anyone want to guess what this guy is looking at?


OMFG: Oh My Fucking God.

Used when reacting to something surprising. In the cartoon above (the NSFW one), I would have typed OMFG if whatever it is that the dude is looking at came up on my computer screen.


LOLZ: Laugh Out Loud (Z?).

This evolved from the simple LOL!!!!1!!1!!! The added “Z” implies that either a) you like to surf or b) you are Lindsay Lohan.


ZOMG: (Z?) Oh My God.

This is used primarily for people to make fun on pre-teen girls and boys who use messenger and write OMG!!!1!!1! all day (and all of the night). Now, we use ZZOMG!!!1!!!!1!! to make fun of people who write ZOMG!! and think that somehow they are clever.


O RLY: Oh, really?

To which the response is ya rly! and followed by no wai! Often used as an attempt at sarcasm, and accompanied by the following images:


ROFLMAO: Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.

You know how the Internets are always making you fall out of your chair, rolling around your (shitty) apartment floor, to the extent that you accidentally rip off the lower regions of your body? This acronym perfectly and succinctly captures that.


WTF?: What the fuck? (or, witness the fitness).

Captures the following sentiments: dismay, disapointment, confusion, disbelief, lack of originality, bewilderment or boredom.


Woot: w00t! An exclamation of excitement from a geek, nerd, and/or dork within the internet. It makes chatroom people feel like they are “hackers,” and thus not to be messed with. Or they will hack you.

(I am trying to make this really long so the post below can make it off the front page sooner than later…)


NOOB: New Internets User

When people come online for the first time ever, they often ask stupid questions or behave like idiots, and thus, they are n00bs. As in “Stupid n00b.” Using zero instead of the letter o means that you might be a hacker (See w00t!) Those of us who have been online for a long time used to call the month of September “Eternal September” because of all the college students starting school and “discovering” the Internet for the first time and acting accordingly.


PWND: Owned

To get symbolically beaten up by someone online I am pwnd, or if I beat someone up online with my magical fingers, they are pwnd by me.


Teh: The (misspelled).

Do you know what teh hardest word is to spell? Apparently it is THE, which appears 26 million times online as “teh” according to google. We’re doomed.


FTW: For the win!

As demonstrated above, the Internet exists for two reasons 1) porno 2) being the cleverest. As online forums and chat groups exist only for cleverness, there had to be prizes awarded so that people stayed motivated. Thus, FTW is an acknowledgement that a specific comment is going to be nominated for the Smartass Cup, and award that is awarded to the most cleaver, funny, and un-thought-provoking one-liner.

Via Boing Boing


One thought on “PWND: Visual descriptions of Internet Acronyms

  1. Thank you for PWND! Apparently, I am not up on my WorldWideWebnet speak, because I didn’t know that one (and was wondering why Patrick kept typing that during our chats). Shame on me.

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