A comment on the first six hours of my day

6:00 – Wake up to a noise that sounded, to my tired body, like the Apocalypse arrived overnight. Look out the window, and everything is still there. Disappointment sets in a little.

6:30 – Tired of lying in bed (i.e. the “hide-a-bed” at the group-home), and feeling a little guilty about being dissapointed that the apocalypse did not come (come armageddon come).

7:00-8:00 – Ultra heavy traffic is so awesome, and I spend the hour being creepy and looking at other drivers as we all sit in one giant clusterfuck of the roads being at 300% capacity. Note to self: this makes people very uncomfortable and or irate. I got “the bird” three times that I am aware of. During this time, I am listening to the “Calgary Eyeopener” on CBC Radio 1010. A lecture I attended yesterday (on Guy Debord, The DaDa movement and “Society of the Specticle”) confirmed my long held suspicion that listening to CBC Radio is where where Sociologists tune their radio’s. Around 8, I am tired of listening to the news update I have heard four times now, and put in Fugazi’s “On the Kill Taker” to clense my pallet.

8:00-8:15 – “Where the hell is the Starbucks?”

8:15-10:30 – I sit in a big “comfy” chair in Starbucks and watch last night’s episode of Lost (I won’t spoil it for Jane, but @$#(#$()#$#)(!@_)#(!_($#%@($_*_$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I feel embarrassed a little that it made me cry in public, and so I hide my head in the Dorothy Smith book (I got a copy loaned to me by the prof!).

10:30-11:00 – After reading 75 pages of heavy theorizing (the only way to do it!), my brain feels “melty.” I decide to head to Chapters at Crowfoot “It’s not a mall if everything is outside!” and see if I can arrange ordering the book in (see yesterday). I have a copy on its way by Tuesday! After, I wander over to my new favourite store, a used cd store nestled within suburban hell = all the good records aren’t already picked clean, and find way too many good cd’s than I can afford, and plus they put out a bin of Christmas CD’s! I leave with a Eugene Mirman comedy CD (I am going to post about this later, because it is really good), the Wilco double live album, and two Christmas CD’s – Reverent Horton Heat’s Christmas CD and “The Edge of Christmas,” a weirdo collection of “edgy” Christmas music from the late 80’s.

1 1:00-11:30 Finding parking this late in the day is no fun, and it means I had to walk an extra block or so in the freezing cold.

11:30-12:00 – Sit in my offic,e, think about doing some more work, and then decide my time would be better spent typing this totally self indulgent, rambling blog post (which was originally going to be on pronouncing the name “Guy”).

What did you do this morning?
Note to Bannanatree: Commenting in this blog keeps the wind in my sails. You sir, are the wind beneath my wings.

Note to Gillian: That Herald link is a tad depressing, and makes me feel like “giving up.” Other things that make me want to “give up” – ABC Used Bookstore in Lethbridge (it could be sooooo good), The Tongue and Groove, Deal or No Deal, Hinder, The Gilmore Girls, Statistics, rude people, ageism, and the colour “dunn.”

Note to Jane: my beard is growing, but it is in the “shitty stage” still.


Update: The Hater’s Tolerability Index. So awesome.


7 thoughts on “A comment on the first six hours of my day

  1. I have a short essay on Hinder and their war crimes in the works.

    Gilmore Girls is still good in my books.

    Lost, WTF? Like seriously. I like the Jack stuff though. But the “spiritual” stuff makes me bored.

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