November is Jazz

I always listen to Jazz in November. I don’t know why, but every November I pull out my Jazz records. After November, I rarely listen to Jazz. I think it is a pallet cleanser, and it warms me up for December, in which I pull out my extensive Christmas music collection (and I am not kidding about extensive – when December comes, taste goes right out the f#$king window).

Right now, I am writing and listening to a Miles Davis gigatorrent I downloaded (a gigatorrent is a torrent with a few dozen albums zipped into one file – I downloaded “Miles Davis 1” which comprises his first 24 albums).

When ever I am writing a lot (as I usually am in November), I like to put on some Jazz because 1) it makes writing for hours and hours and hours a little more bearable, and 2) because it doesn’t try to pull my focus like the music I normally listen to.

While I am typing this, I got the following Myspace friend request: a girl named Jazz from Mexico. Is she real (I haven’t recieved a “real” myspace friend request in over six months)? I don’t read Spanish, so who knows.

How random is that?

One thought on “November is Jazz

  1. Christmas music, you say? Then may I recommend you mosey on down to the Asthmatic Kitty website where Sufjan’s 5CD X-Mas comp is streaming. If you do like Sufjan, that is.

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